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Dental implants can replace missing teeth with fixed prosthetics that closely replicate the form and function of the lost tooth or teeth. Implants can also be used to support or retain removable prosthetics. The following photo series show before and after results of some of our implant cases. Mouse over photos for more information.

Dental Implants

Single Implant Crown

This patient fractured off the central incisor tooth to the gum line. Since the tooth had a poor prognosis, the patient opted to have it extracted and restored with a dental implant. This photo series shows the restoration process from beginning to end.

Two Implant Crowns

This patient lost both central incisors due to trauma and non resolving tooth abscess following root canal treatment. The teeth were restored with two custom encode abutments and all ceramic emax crowns.

4 Unit Implant Bridge

Four missing posterior teeth (2 molars and 2 bicuspids) were replaced with 3 implants and a 4 unit implant bridge.

Two Implant Bridges

This patient was unable to get used to removable partial dentures and elected to have 6 missing molar and bicuspid teeth replaced with two implant bridges. 

Multiple Implant Restorations

Six missing teeth were replaced with 3 individual implant crowns and a 3 unit implant bridge.

2 Individual Implant Crowns

Two missing teeth were replaced by custom designed abutments upon which all ceramic Emax crowns were cemented.

Single Implant Crown

Lost lateral incisor was replaced with a Zirconia abutment and full ceramic Emax crown. 

Multiple Implant Restorations

4 missing teeth are restored with an implant bridge and a single implant crown, utilizing 3 implants. There is also a new ceramic crown on the natural canine tooth next to the implant bridge.

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