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These series of photos show two cases where patients fractured their central incisor teeth.  In both cases, the teeth were restored using Emax all ceramic crowns which provide natural tooth like translucency.


Crowns maybe used to restore form and function to teeth which have been fractured, damaged by decay, have large existing fillings or require root canal treatment. The following photo series show the before and after results of a few of our restorative treatment cases.




Single Crowns


Two Central Incisors
One central incisor was cracked and rotated 30 degrees. The other was root canal treated and had large composite fillings. Both teeth were overlapped with each other and both were restored with emax all ceramic crowns.
Multiple Crowns
These photos show 4 upper incisor teeth with large composite fillings. The edges of the teeth are chipped and uneven. All 4 incisor teeth had root canal treatment in the past resulting in discoloration. Evaluation of tooth alignment shows less than ideal positioning. These  teeth were restored with all ceramic Emax crowns to address these concerns.
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