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Treatment Photos

The following photo galleries show some of our restorative treatment cases before and after they were restored.

These series of photos show two cases where patients fractured their central incisor teeth.  In both cases, the teeth were restored using Emax all ceramic crowns which provide natural tooth like translucency.



These photos show 4 upper incisor teeth with large composite fillings. The edges of the teeth are chipped and uneven. All 4 incisor teeth had root canal treatment in the past resulting in discoloration. Evaluation of tooth alignment shows less than ideal positioning. These  teeth were restored with all ceramic Emax crowns to address these concerns.



An old discolored fixed bridge was replaced with a new 7 unit bridge. As the photos show, there is a dramatic improvement in esthetics, form and function.

2 Individual Implant Crowns

Two missing teeth were replaced by custom designed abutments upon which all ceramic Emax crowns were cemented.

Two Implant Bridges

This patient was unable to get used to removable partial dentures and elected to have 6 missing molar and bicuspid teeth replaced with two implant bridges. 

Multiple Implant Restorations

Six missing teeth were replaced with 3 individual implant crowns and a 3 unit implant bridge.

Multiple Implant Restorations

4 missing teeth are restored with an implant bridge and a single implant crown, utilizing 3 implants. There is also a new ceramic crown on the natural canine tooth next to the implant bridge.

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